Women Mountaineering Network

We had the opportunity to meet other European groups of girls who promote female mountaineering. From that day we felt a bit stronger!

Here you find these realities. As this page goes beyond the Alps and has an international spirit, we decided to write it in English.

Wherever you go you will find girls ready to lead the climb. Enjoy the community!



LOGO Quote rosaLE QUOTE ROSA. In Italian the mountain is female, also the grammar says it. An all-female blog to meet, get to know each other and share emotions at high altitudes.

Grazia, Marta and Martina. Placed in Cuneo and Maritime Alps.


Instagram –> @lequoterosa

Fb –> @quoterosa


LOGO also the girlsALSO THE GIRLS CAN DO IT. A project born with the idea of involving, stimulating and encouraging women to approach the world of sport by demolishing social prejudices that block many women and girls to participate. From normal girls to normal girls. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just go for it. Find your confidence through our adventures. You’ll rock, girls!

Elisa, Alice and Marta. Placed somewhere in the Western Alps.

Website –> sportiscrew.com/co-capsule/alsothegirlscandoit

Instagram –> @alsothegirlscandoit

Fb –> @alsothegirlscandoit




LOGO GAF 73 74GROUPE D’ALPINISME FEMENIN DES CLUB ALPIN FRANCAIS DE SAVOIE & HAUTE-SAVOIE. Eight girls, in love with the mountains, selected for a project of 2 years of training to acquire complete autonomy in  mountain disciplines (mountaineering, ski touring, ice climbing and climbing).

Anne, Julie, Sophie, Morgane, Marie, Noémie and Emilie. Placed around Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Instagram –> @gaf.73_74

Fb –> @gaf73-74.caf


gfhm logo

GROUPE FEMENIN DE HAUTE MONTAGNE. The Women Group of High Mountains is the 100% female mountaineering group of the France Alpine Club – Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Committee. Eight girls selected for a project of 2 years of training to acquire complete autonomy in  mountain disciplines (mountaineering, ski touring, ice climbing and climbing), and to promote mountaineering for women!

Adeline, Charlotte, Clémence, Faustine, Lara, Marie, Marion and Zoé. Placed around the France Alps.

Website –> gfhm.blog

Instagram –> @gfhmteam

Fb –> @gfhmteam


logo pas que des collantsPAS QUE DES COLLANTS. Mountain and outdoor association to promote women in outdoor sport.  You could follow them on their blog www.pasquedescollants.com with a focus on women’s practice. They also organise film festival focus on women in mountains: Femmes en montagne  and they realized movie about inspiring women : Women’s skimo project

Tanya and Leo. Placed in Houte-Savoie, skiing of course.

Website –> www.pasquedescollants.com

Instagram –> @pas_que_des_collants

Fb –> @pasquedescollants




Montañera ADEBAN OK (2) MONTAÑERAS ADEBÁN. The Spanish club Montañeras Adebán was born at the base of the Pyrenees, from the desire to share the passion for the mountains with other women. This group of girls created a sports space open to other people, mainly women, to improve training, technique and autonomy in the mountains, to share experiences and feelings, everyone with its own path as sportswoman, mountaineer, mother, worker, etc.

Astrid & Co, based in Aragona region.

Website –> http://www.montanerasadeban.blogspot.com

Fb –> @MontanerasAdeban




LOGO rhmRENDEZ-VOUZ HAUTE MONTAGNE. An international mountaineering movement born in 1968 in Switzerland. Every year new women alpinists meet together three times: in winter for ice falls climbing and ski mountaineering, in summer for climbing . Every meeting takes place in a different country!


Many women, placed in different european cauntries, overall Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain.

Website –> www.rhm-climbing.net

Fb –> @RendezVousHautesMontagnes




log WSPWOMEN’S SKIMO PROJECT. Women’s Skimo Project is a project of several movies that, through ski mountaineering, wants to inspire, make people dream and open minds on the practice of women’s sport. The movies tell about girls who, despite the physical and mental difficulties, their cultures and the preconceived ideas of today’s society, have dared, have empowered themselves and have given meaning to their lives by living their passions.

Directed by Tanya Naville and Leo Wattebled


Website –> pasquedescollants.com/women-skimo-project

YouTube –> Women’s skimo project

Instagram –> @womensskimoproject

Fb –> @womensskimoproject


LOGO_A-land-shapeDA LAND SHAPED BY WOMEN. the film wants to empawer women and bring a feminine narrative to the outdoor practice and gender equality in the front of the debate. As their travel unfolds, playing in the mountains, in the waves or under the spectacular northern lights, they introduce viewers to the iconic Icelandic women they met along the way. Gender equality has a long history and a special status in Iceland. As professional snowboarders who’ve fought hard for gender parity in a male-dominated sport throughout their careers, Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock wanted to dig deeper into Icelandic women’s mindset while combining it with their love for the mountains and the waves.

“We wanted to bask in the positive vibes of the Icelandic women’s movement and inspire to embrace a new mindset to a different kind of adventure!”

A film of Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock.

Website –> www.alandshapedbywomen.com

Vimeo –> vimeo.com/ondemand/ALandShapedByWomen

Fb –> @alandshapedbywomen